Say goodbye to exhaustion

Open the space for connection. Enjoy your profession more.

Evidence Based Formats

Practice evidence-based care and still have the option to customise your notes to your preference. 

Letter Dictation

No more cumbersome dictaphone apps. Silknote can structure letters regardless of the order in which you speak information. 

Patient Letters

Enhance autonomy. Provide patients and clients with personalised information about your consults and their condition.

Telehealth Capabilities

Silknote hears telehealth consults as clearly as you – or better.

Multidisciplinary Team Documentation

Capture complex multi-person meetings. Now you can all be on the same page.

Care Plans

For your patients, to make life simpler for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Take the work out of your profession.

“I never envisioned my profession having the ‘work’ taken out of it. Silknote is a sharp clinical tool.”
- Dr Tim Eyers, GP Registrar