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The Patient focused AI Scribe

Founded on medical ethics. Designed by clinicians. For better patient care.

Decreased mental load and a better work-life balance are just positive side effects - also it’s affordable.

52% of patients feel unheard

Positive patient experience improves health outcomes and decreases re-admission rates.



Save up to 2 hours every day using Silknote. Decrease the burden of documentation, be present with your patient.



All data is encrypted. No audio is ever stored; after it is processed it doesn’t exist.




One click, notes completed. Effortlessly create documentation with our AI scribe.


How it works

One Click

1. Start Consult

In-person and Telehealth

  • Silknote works ambiently 
  • Notes are generated throughout consult
  • Intuitive user interface

2. Document

Customise Outputs

  • Silknote AI prepares your documents
  • Notes, referrals, patient letters, and more
  • Easily use with your EMR – platform agnostic

3. Care Better

Better Patient Care

  • Unobstructed patient connection 
  • Improve health outcomes
  • Higher quality documentation

Open the space for connection.

Enjoy your profession more.

Data and Privacy

Gold-standard Security.

Work with confidence

Rest Assured

We do not train on patient data nor do we sell it to third parties. We can’t even see it.

No Audio Stored

Less than 60 seconds of consult audio ever exists. Once its gone, it’s gone for good.

Processed in Australia

No consult content or health data is processed or stored overseas.

Our Why

Beneficence. Non-maleficence. Autonomy. Justice. Veracity. Confidentiality.